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Why Choose EPins.biz?
Why Choose ePins.biz?
Start your own business now by choosing to partner up with ePins.biz as a Prepaid Load Retailer or Wallet Provider. For a capital so minimal, registration is literally accessible and easy.
Who is ePins.biz?
ePins.biz is the entity behind LoadCentral, under the oversight of Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc. Having been in the business for as early as 2005, we have become the industry’s leader and a prime universal loading station, a title which has been undisputed since.
For more than a decade, we have provided a vast number of people an opportunity to take part in our trade by being our small partners in the market. But small our partners may be initially; our market is big—spanning a whole country of people—which provides a lucrative gig to those who share our goals in business.
ePins.biz loadcentral registration’s success is founded not only in its ever-expanding network of dealers. For the most part, the company’s success is rooted in the very products it commoditizes which have a significant patronage among the local masses.
How do the ePins.biz partners earn in the business?
Capitalizing from a vast and varied number of products, our partners earn profit by pre-purchasing our commodities at a huge discount and then re-selling them at a full price. But as the suggested retail price makes only a baseline price when they hit the market, our dealers are also free to set their prices and, therefore, augmenting their income in the process. Their potential income depends on the price they are willing to set and their ability to sell them.
For instance, our dealers may find products in our list that offers a discount as high as 12% which they can purchase to be resold for a full price. That’s already a baseline income of whatever amount is the 12% of that product when sold, in addition to the added price the seller incorporated.
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